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Eliminate The Many Hazards By A Simple Solution Of A Clean Chimney

Keeping a clean chimney can undoubtedly be a tedious and complex process. It takes a lot of time and effort to ensure that your chimney stays clean. However, a chimney that is routinely maintained can perform efficiently and safely in your house. This blog covers the reasons why having a clean chimney is essential and the potential hazard a cloggy chimney brings!

A Clean Chimney Ensures Fire Safety In A Building

Perhaps the most important reason why you should ensure a clean chimney is a fire hazard. Unclean chimneys tend to be less efficient in protecting your house from fire. Chimney fires have been increasingly common in the US, with the number of chimney fires increased to almost 25,000! Unclean chimneys contribute to chimney fires mainly due to creosote. Creosote, which is a by-product of combustion, is formed due to lighting fireplaces and can accumulate over time. The substance is highly flammable and can cause massive fires if not dealt with. Such chimney fires can be devastating and can put your finances and lives in danger!

A Clean Chimney Allows Heat Efficiency Inside A House

Chimneys are widely used as sources of heat inside houses in the US. When it gets cold and breezy, chimneys are the solution to provide you with warmth and comfort. However, a chimney that has not been maintained timely can be a problem when it comes to its heat efficiency. Chimneys that include soot and debris fail to allow oxygen to reach the fireplace. This results in the fireplace running out quickly or losing its heat efficiency to provide. Hence, an uncleaned chimney can result in you spending more on heat bills while getting less heat efficiency!

A Clean Chimney Regulates A Healthy Environment

Chimney inspections are an important factor to account for when it comes to consistently maintaining your chimneys. Cleaner chimneys that are free from debris, soot, and other material that might obstruct the flow of gases make it difficult for inspectors to reach the correct areas and look for the root causes behind potential chimney issues. However, a cleaner chimney would not only smoothen the process but also save you valuable time and money!


A Clean Chimney Eliminates Toxic Carbon Monoxide From Your Surroundings

A rising problem that most individuals encounter with their chimneys is the emission of toxic gases such as Carbon Monoxide. Carbon Monoxide is a deadly gas that can be lethal to fully healthy individuals within a few minutes. Further, the gas is colorless and odorless and hence becomes difficult to discover even if it has infiltrated your house.

The major reason behind your chimney producing such gases is related to the materials that can be found inside. Soot, dirt, dust, and creosote are a few factors that contribute to the release of such toxins and can add to the probability of producing Carbon Monoxide.

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