Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning: What Not To Do

To ensure that your dryer runs efficiently for a long time, you need to clean your dryer regularly. When you keep your dryer’s vents clean, your clothes will dry a lot more quickly, meaning that you’ll save both time and energy. To make the job easier for you, we have mentioned a couple of mistakes you should avoid to clean it without harming yourself during the process.

Forgetting To Unplug The Dryer

The first simple mistake that people end up making is that they forget to unplug the dryer. They may not have a lot of time on hand while cleaning it, or the thought may have just slipped their mind. However, the very first thing you should be thinking about is your safety. It is crucial to remove the machine’s power cord from the wall to avoid getting shocked. If it’s powered by gas, turn off the gas supply to prevent leaks.

Packing The Vent With Excess Lint

Another thing you should never do is to clean your dryer vent by packing it full of lint from inside the dryer. This can create excess pressure, which leads to a clog being formed. Tiny dryer lint fibers then cling to the walls of the duct, and your clothes will be covered in lint when you take them out. Cleaning the lint out will also keep you safe from any future fires as lint is the leading cause of fires in clothes dryers.

Reattaching The Ducts With Duct Tape

With duct tapes being useful for almost everything, we use them for things they aren’t particularly made for. One example is that of reattaching the ducts in a dryer with duct tape. The adhesive on the duct tape starts to dry out over time due to the numerous temperature changes, which creates gaps in the joints of the vents. The tape can also corrode from the heat. Instead of using regular duct tape, the aluminum tape would be better to endure the dryer heat.


Cleaning The Vent Manually With A Brush

Some people end up cleaning their dryer vents with the first thing they find in their house- a brush. However, if you’ve researched thoroughly, you would have realized that this can be a case of concern. Manually cleaning vents can cause a lot of damage. The vents can stretch or tear, due to which there will be excess lint buildup, and airflow will decrease. As mentioned above, this can prove to be a safety hazard as fires usually start in dryers because of lint. It could also lead to clogs, meaning that you’ll have to pay a ton to get it fixed later on.

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